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Retro Cup of Pokémon features all tiers absent from the World Cup of Pokémon. That means this year, it will feature RBY OU, GSC OU, ADV OU, DPP OU, BW OU, ORAS OU, SM OU and SS OU. Each national team is required to have 8 players and 4 substitutes. Team formation and qualification priority will be given to RCoP 2022 qualifiers, then any WCoP teams not in RCoP, then completely new teams.

Qualifying rounds will be created if there are more than 16 team entrants. Qualifying rounds will be full 8 vs 8 matchups, with RBY being best-of-three (first to two wins) and every other tier being best-of-one. For the first round, players will be randomly assigned into four groups of four for each generation, with the top 8 teams with the most collected wins proceeding to the next round. The seeding tiebreak will be the highest ranking points (6 points for sole first, 4 points for sole second, and 2 points for sole third) within the group and randomization as the secondary tiebreaker. Round 2, Semifinals, and Finals will follow the same format as qualifying rounds.


If you're currently listed on a team in the World Cup of Pokémon Eligibility Spreadsheet, you're locked to said team (if you're team is aggregated to a bigger team, like Benelux, you're locked to the aggregation unless it becomes separate teams again); if you're NOT on that spreadsheet, you may play for any NATIONAL team for which you have IP records as proof of residence (if said national team doesn't exist, you may play for the continental one)

Qualifying teams:
Afrabs - Amir + zS
Asia - Fluore + gorex
UK - ibeat + LORD SAGIS
Spain - Kenix + Dorron
Alps - elednb + Astoria
Benelux - YveltalNL + Wubben
Chile - Vileman + Lazuli
India - Piyush25 + So Noisy
Mexico - Elian + SetsuSetsuna
Pakistan - Typical_bastard + fabwooloo
Peru - SpectralThief + Huargensy
US West - Ctown6 + shiloh
Venezuela - 7DyRex + Raahel

Reference chart for splitting US West and US East:

How to Sign Up

Fill the following form:
[B]Nation:[/B] Oceania
[B]Tiers played:[/B] GSC OU
[B]Inactivity:[/B] None
The captains will proceed to post their respective rosters (once again, 8 players + 4 substitutes) in the Rosters thread.

Deadline is Monday, June 5th at 11:59 PM (GMT-4).

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Hey, if you are mexican and you want to play contact me or setsu, this is a great opor...

¿Espera por qué estoy hablando Inglés?

Conctactame a mi discord Elian#7772 o al de Setsu SetsuStsna#8387
O en todo caso escribeme por aquí
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